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The Land Pride RTA20 Series Rotary Tiller effortlessly turns up hard-packed ground, leaving a perfect seedbed for gardens or grass. The RTA20 Series Rotary Tiller offers a forward-rotating tilling action that can work in many types of ground conditions. Suited for up to 50 HP tractors, this model fits a wide range of tractor owners, from landscapers or city and park maintenance operations to golf course superintendents. Standard Land Pride features like a stamped chain cover, stamped rear deflector, heavy-duty driveline and parking stand, all come together in the name of quality and dependability.

  • American made: Many tillers are imported. American made means better parts availability.
  • 20 Series: Fills the gap between our 15 and 25 Series Tillers, both in size and price.
  • RTR Reverse rotation model or RTA forward rotation model: Land Pride has the market on reverse rotation. This brings in a quality tiller at a more affordable price for landscapers. We offer forward rotation for contractors who want it.
  • Reverse tilling action: Reverse action ‘sucks’ tiller into ground, does not walk on top of hard ground like forward rotation tillers can.
  • Gearbox Warranty: 5 Years Parts and Labor. Shows our confidence in the product.
  • Working Widths: 64” & 72” Meets a wide range of customer needs.
  • Integral Hitch: Upper hitch, gearbox and gearbox mount brought together to form a stronger overall hitch frame.
  • Clevis Style Lower Hitch: Allows easier hook-up of lower 3-point arms.
  • Hitch sideshift capability: Sideshifts by loosening 6 U-bolts and sliding hitch points and gearbox over. Allows covering right tire track.
  • Cat. 1 Hitch fits Land Pride Quick-Hitch: Allows for quick and easy one-person hook-up. Offset is not comparable with Quick-Hitch.
  • Adjustable Parking Stand: Allows for easy hook-up and storage
  • Adjustable skid shoes: Control depth from various settings.
  • Material separator behind tilling action (RTR only): 3/8” Rods sift the material letting bigger items fall first. Sifted soil falls last burying the bigger items. Attachment is one all welded piece for easy assembly.
  • Formed rear deflector with springs: Formed steel gives the rear deflector additional strength. Springs allow deflector to bounce as it hits obstructions.
  • Six tines standard on RTR20 Four tines standard on RTA20 with six being optional: Six tines cut through the ground smoother.
  • “C” Tines: C Tines take less horsepower to move through the ground.
  • 17” Rotor swing diameter: For deep tilling action.
  • Double lip seal on rotor bearing: Double lip seal keeps the dirt out and the grease in.
  • Cat. 3 heavy-duty fully shielded shear pin or slip-clutch driveline: Protects gearbox and rotor shaft upon hitting obstructions. Slip-clutch saves having to replace shear-pins.
  • #80 Drive chain enclosed in oil bath: eavy-duty drive chain reduces stretching. Oil keeps constant lubrication and holds wear o a minimum.
  • Easy to adjust chain tightener: Cast iron chain tightener is a simple bolt adjustment to keep constant tension on the chain.
  • Stamped chain cover: Stamped forming adds additional strength.
  • Formed Deck: Handles material more efficiently, sheds water.
  • Recommended Tractor PTO HP: 23-50 Horsepower (50 hp maximum)
  • Weight: 734 lbs.
  • Tilling Width: 72 in.
  • Overall Width: 77 7/8 in.
  • 3-Point Hitch Type: Category I, Adjustable Lower Hitch Clevis with Plated Pins; Fits Land Pride Quick-Hitch
  • Sideshift Capabilities: 18 in. (Note: Limited sideshift capabilities with Land Pride Quick-Hitch)
  • Number of Flanges: 9
  • Number of Tines per Flange: 6
  • Tine Construction: Alloy steel heat treated “C” shaped blades
  • Skid Shoes: Adjustable
  • Storage Stands: Adjustable
  • Rear Deflector: Adjustable profile stamped rear deflector
  • Driveline: ASAE Category III Heavy Duty; Off-Center Shear bolt - standard; Slip Clutch - optional
  • Gearbox: 50 HP Input at 540 rpm 1.46:1 Ratio Cast Iron Housing, Straight Bevel Gears
  • Gearbox Lubrication Capacity & Type: 2.2 Pints of SAE80-90W EP oil
  • Drive Chain: #80 Roller chain - Fully enclosed in oil bath with drain & fill plugs
  • Drive chain lubricant: Shell Gadus S2 V2200 00 flowable grease - Land Pride Part #821-045C (32 oz. bottle)
  • Sprockets: Splined Bores
  • Rotor Swing Diameter: 17 in.
  • Rotor Shaft Speed: 220 rpm at 540 rpm PTO



Working Width
72 in.
77 7/8 in.


Recommended HP
23-50 hp
734 lb.

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